Saturday, July 22, 2006

Review of United 93

While this movie did a very good job at depicting the events of the morning of 9/11, we only know a little more about flight 93 than the other 4. It was particularly accurate in showing that the flight was less than half full for the flight to SFfrom Boston (40 passengers). Normal load is 70-90% but the 4 hijacked planes each went with about a 30% load.
The film was quite riveting and had my heart pounding. It was like an "Airport" movie, but the tension was actually increased by our knowledge of the end game.
The film did a fine job of respectfully showing each of the characters, though I hope the flight attendants would hold it together better than the film displayed.

The question that still hangs in the air though, is where is the wreckage? People of Shanksville found debris from the flight miles from the crash site. An engine was found hundreds of yards away. But no bodies, luggage or aircraft. We've seen crashes before -- they don't disintegrate or "pulverize". Just like at the Pentagon, I have to ask: Where are the passengers???
If you're prepared to look at more 9/11 questions, view Painful deceptions:

We must be careful how we execute vengeance!