Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's time for real American principles

Read the following clip from The Independent (UK) and see if you're not astounded and angry:

Of all the prisoners ever held at Guatanamo since it was established in January 2002, only 10 have been formally charged. An investigation earlier this year by New Jersey's Seton Hall University showed that, based on the military's own documents, 55 per cent of prisoners are not alleged to have committed any hostile acts against the US, and 40 per cent are not accused of affiliation with al-Qa'ida.
The same documents suggested only 8 per cent of prisoners are accused of fighting for a terrorist group, and that 86 per cent were captured by the Northern Alliance or Pakistani authorities "at a time when the US offered large bounties for the capture of suspected terrorists".

The main point of their story is to alert us to a building up of Guantanamo. It may be a good thing that a new cell block opens up if the intention is to provide more decent care for those detained. However, we should be concerned that the intent is to detain more individuals.

If any of the detainees have committed a crime, they should be charged. If we don't have enough evidence to charge, they should be released. That is the American standard, called due process.

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