Friday, August 25, 2006

Voting Process CAN be Fixed

OR, "Computer expert advises against using Direct Recording Electronic voting machines."
I think Aviel Rubin's post at regarding verifiable voting machines is terrific. I can easily visualize a voter executing the two-stage process he describes: select candidates via a user-friendly interface which prints out the selections onto a readable card. The voter verifies the selection and moves to the vote-casting station where their identification is checked and ballot accepted. The card would be stamped as read and the voter could walk away with the card as their receipt.
Could this prevent voting twice? A proper audit of the scanners would provide us confidence in the results. An audit would consist of checking that the scanner properly reads and tabulates the voting card.
This is much less sensitive to the quirks of immature computers, and would stifle the urges of the corrupt.
We must be sure that the ballots are counted at the voting district and eliminate the possibility of ballots being counted by a different machine across town in a different precinct. The idea of ballot rotation is insane and invites fraud.

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