Monday, September 11, 2006

Leave My Life Simple

Please stop it with all this conspiracy stuff. Life is complicated enough as it is. Why can't I just trust my government and live a happy life?
You say that the buildings couldn't collapse that fast without assistance from explosives. You say that there should have been bodies and debris at the Pentagon and Shanksville. BUT the government says they just vaporized, and that's OK with me.
You say that wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are fighting the wrong enemy, but I don't care. At least Bush is doing something.
I visited your site
and saw the video of bin Laden's confession and saw your 2 photos of him. I know they look a little different, but it's similar enough for me. I trust that my president always tells the truth when he can.
It scares me that something like 9/11 might happen again, so I prefer the fighting be done in a country other than mine.
You say that there were at least 5 major military exercises occurring on 9/11/01 including one that simulated hijackings. You say that many people could have been involved performing all the necessary actions that day and not thinking they were doing anything unusual, even in hindsight. You say that some military official could have worked with just a few people to flip the switch from "exercise" to "real world", but I can't imagine that people would be that callous.
You say that "False Flag" events have gotten into wars in years past, but I think we're better than that now.
Really, I'd prefer not to hear about conspiracies. What did it hurt to believe in the single-bullet theory regarding the Kennedy assassination? He's was dead either way, right?
Does it really hurt to ignore the truth?


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy. I was lead here because you left your link on a yahoo message. What is up ..are you two totally different people, You actually contradict yourself within paragraphs..I think maybe your life would be simpler if you stopped blogging and read what you post in the past. I understand its not black and white all the time..but you seem smart enough to recognize bullshit. Slow down , deep breathe and look at what is going on here., Make a decision that is not based on presidence or better yet rely on history to enable your decisions. The Constitution of our forefathers is gone. This is not an ALtruistic media. Oh and start learning foreign languages before they move in your neighborhood because your kids- if you have any will be dating someone who doesnt speak English.

pegasusdba said...

Didn't mean to fool ya. Just trying to imagine being the average, busy American that doesn't want to be troubled by even important issues.

Anonymous said...


A guy in a cave coordinated a bunch of fanatics who couldn’t fly a plane to hit 3 buildings in a matter of hours while the US military was taking a nap right after the sitting US President ignored a Presidential Briefing and went on a month long vacation.