Saturday, March 03, 2007

Predicting the fall of WTC7

Apparently, the BBC got word of the collapse of WTC7 a little prematurely. This video from the BBC of that day (including the time of collapse) shows the British take.
The challenge faced by those that want 9/11 investigated is the willingness of Americans to look the other way when ANY questions are raised. A simple thing like fires still burning weeks after the collapse. A building that collapsed, even with a fire, will not still be in flames even hours later.
They only way to get people to wake up to the reality that threatens them is to chip away at the image of the government. This is tedious, but those who could call for investigations must be called to account for their inaction and embarassed. Rational arguments will not work (they rarely do). A congressman must constantly balance the interests of his financial supporters in the corporate world and the interests of the public. He will satisfy the interests of the former until he's publicly embarassed or humiliated, or his public support is seriously threatened.
And until those in power are held to account for their deeds, they and those that succeed them will continue to play chess with the country.

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