Wednesday, March 21, 2007

V for Vendetta

A recent film has generated a great deal of fear for Radical Muslims. This appears to be a well justified fear and the West should be prepared to defend itself.

Let's assume we do nothing and the radicals take over their area of the world: They would clear out from their region any occupying force and even natives that got in the way. They would develop and expand their armies, claiming a defensive purpose. And, when they look around the globe and see opportunities for more power and control, these defensive armies will come full force and invade our country. They might charge our president with crimes against minority groups and hang him. They will disband our government. They will destroy our cities and recreate our military to serve their ends. They will steal the riches of our precious country. We will have to become terrorists, all of us, to rid our land of these people. They don't respect human life as they kill our families, so we mustn't respect theirs. And since they will have become so powerful and our weapons feable, we will have to attack the enemy on other lands - wherever we can find him around the world. Maybe we we can lodge an attack in his own land. After all, this is justified retaliation!

Now, I invite you to re-read the previous paragraph and replace the word "radicals" with Americans, and imagine you live in the Middle East.

There is certainly danger from radical Islamists, but if we first try to understand what and who gives them power, we may be able to nip it in the bud. After all, the government of the US is the cause celeb for these radicals. Our out-of-control, overly militarized government has a presence in over 100 other countries, often in opposition to the will of the local population. Our recent approach has been to look for enemies. Hell, we're making more enemies all the time. And certainly, with a military-industry as vast and expensive as ours, consuming more than half our discretionary federal budget, there's an urge to use those weapons - even if they DO kill humans.
Most Americans prefer to remain oblivious to some very important facts. For example, "According to the Defense Department's annual "Base Structure Report" for fiscal year 2003, which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and HAS another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories."

Likewise, most Americans prefer to swallow the government story told about the 9-11 and the responsible parties. How about you. Have you ever viewed the Loose Change video or any other 9-11 related videos on this blog. WHY would you want to continue accepting the story, hook, line and sinker after seeing just how quick this government lies???

Watch V for Vendetta for an example of people waking up against power.

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