Thursday, April 19, 2007

When all the stress of the news and politics are too much, it's a wonderful relief to grab the moped and ride. I'm starting up a site that will offer mopeds, electric bikes, electric scooters and other accessories for very good prices - probably better than you'll find elsewhere on the web. I have low overhead and am not too greedy, so you'll get a deal. Check it out at and tell your riding friends!

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Well, yes, the pictured bike is actually Tank brand touring bike. 150cc (gas) moped/scooter. Since one has to be a motorcycle dealer to sell bikes bigger than 50cc, I won't be adding it to my stock soon.

Nevertheless, I've made a noticable change to the website: I'm offering 5% off your first purchase if you merely leave a comment! I'm very interested in getting some opinions on the site so this may help. So visit us for gas and electric scooters today!