Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The story that won't go away

David Ray Griffin's latest book is a compilation of essays by 10 very qualified individuals that address the 9/11 disaster from their own vantage point. One statement made therein should help fellow protesters to understand that we are up against a mindset.

The American people don't refuse to consider alternative causes of 9/11 because they're foolish or stupid. They refuse to consider that the government they permit to lord over them to keep them safe and secure could be complicit in such a tragedy and the death of thousands of fellow citizens is unbearable. "For many Americans, the idea that we're living in a country whose own leaders planned and carried out the attacks of 9/11 is simply too horrible to entertain. Unfortunately, however, there is strong evidence in support of this view." Griffin, 9/11 and American Empire.

If citizens were more concerned with evidence and accuracy, rather than the fear of changing their world view (no small shift), the massive evidence, both direct and circumstantial would enlighten them.
  1. no steel building, before or since 9/11/01, has collapsed due to fire (even after being fully engulfed in fire for days as in Madrid in 2002),
  2. large pools of molten steel were observed under all 3 buildings 6 weeks after 9/11,
  3. the "pancake" collapse would not only have left the 47 supporting center beams standing, like an old record player, but the speed of its fall would not have been at free-fall speed (because of the resistance of the floor below that would slow the fall) unless demolition removed the lower floor before the upper got there. Only in this way would it fall straight down at freefall speed,
  4. when concrete is dropped from a height, it breaks. It doesn't turn to dust. There's no good explanation for the pulverization of the floors or the ejecting of steel beams horizontally from the falling building except for explosives,
  5. if the government has nothing to hide, they would have released the thousands of photographs and hundreds of hours of video they have, submitted by citizens; just as they would have released the 2 known videos of the attack on the Pentagon: one from the gas station and the other from a nearby hotel. The FBI confiscated these within an hour after the attack and will not release them. If they have nothing to hide, if they were not complicit, they would release them. After all, the 9/11 commission's task is over, right?

My recommendation, for the short term, is to support Ron Paul. He is certainly the only one that can turn things around in any way. The weak democrats and the neocon republicans are too busy digging the grave for the American empire.

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